Scott Duraflow Ready-Pak Powered Respirator Various Headtops 2031667

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2031662-FH6FH6 Helmet Headtop with PC Visor£875.66 inc. VAT£729.72 ex. VAT In stock
2031662-FH2FH2 Full Hood Headtop£770.57 inc. VAT£642.14 ex. VAT In stock
2031662-FH1FH1 Half Hood Headtop£753.58 inc. VAT£627.98 ex. VAT In stock
2013667-FH31FH31 Face Shield£802.94 inc. VAT£669.12 ex. VAT In stock
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• The Duraflow powered air starter pack is a lightweight, low profile ergonomic design which provides comfort even over extended durations of hard work.
• The Duraflow Starter Pack comes complete with, powered air unit, standard duration battery, standard belt, and charger (excludes hose, headtop and filters).
• Powered air respirator with intelligence in the unit, constantly monitoring the flowrate in real-time to ensure correct flowrate delivered to user
• Compatible with a wide range of headtops, filters and accessories for a variety of hazardous applications
• Weighing approx 600g (without filters or battery), the Duraflow is ultra-light for comfortable long shift duration
• The Duraflow is compatible with selected Pro2000 filters.
• Tested and certified to EN12941

DURAFLOW battery charger and hose included

  • Compatible with all Scott filters and selected Pro2000 filters
  • Conforms to EN12491 TH3 EN166B

For headtop details see:

  • FH31 Face Shield
  • FH1 Half Hood Headtop
  • FH2 Full Hood Headtop
  • FH6 Safety Helmet Headtop


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