This is a "How To" guide to creating branded uniform with your company logo. We include advice on colour choice, garments and customisation techniques. 

This uniform guide is broken down into four simple steps. They're listed here and if you scroll further down, you will see a more in-depth explanation of each step. 

Here's how to create branded uniforms for your business, easily and effectively:


Step 1: Decide Whether You Want A Uniform or a Uniform Look 

A custom branded uniform can be rolled out across your business in a variety of ways. Not all clothing your employees wear needs to be a compulsory uniform. Or, you could dictate every stitch. The route you take is completely up to you and depends on factors such as your business objectives, budget and indeed your sector. 

All businesses can use some form of uniform or a uniform look to their advantage.


Step 2: The Choice

As a starting point, your staff will need a minimum of three day's worth of clothing. This means one can be worn, one can be in the wash and one can be drying waiting to be worn. 


Moving on from how much uniform clothing to order, let's look at what to order.

Make sure that the items are suitable for the task being completed by the person wearing them. For example, don't order budget crew-neck t-shirts if your staff work in an expensive hotel restaurant, or order long-sleeve button-down Oxford cotton shirts for your team of labourers. Check the intended use of the items and the impression you want to give your customers.

Next, make sure the sizes, styles and cuts are suitable for your employees. If your staff are not comfortable in their uniform, they will not like wearing it and you will face resistance. 

Finally, make sure the colours are compatible with your brand and purpose. Do you want a neutral colour that lets your logo stand out and do the talking? Or do you want a bright, loud, hard-to-miss colour for use at promotional events? 

And don't forget that uniforms will need replacing at reasonably regular intervals - so ensure you include that in your budgets.


Step 3: Showcase Your Brand to the World

The next step is to decide how to showcase your brand.

Do you want a logo on the left side of the chest? On the sleeve? A big and bold design on the back? All three?


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