Now that winter is finally coming to an end and the ground is finally starting to thaw, your grounds maintenance team will have a lot more to do. The warmer weather means that your employees can get to work outside, clearing debris and preparing the work site for the warmer months ahead.

Ensure your team is working safely and efficiently by ensuring you're providing them with the appropriate workwear and equipment. Here's the PPE Stores guide to all of the grounds maintenance PPE your team will need.


What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Do Your Workers Need?

PPE is particularly important during the temperamental Spring season because it encourages employees to work safely and responsibly, despite the hazards presented by the changing weather. You should ensure that your workers are wearing protective gear that is keeping them warm, dry and working safely to maximise productivity and morale.

These include:-

● Polo Shirts

● Overalls & Outerwear

● Safety Gloves

● Eye Protection

● Reinforced Trousers

● Safety Footwear


Before you select the PPE that your workers will use, consider the following:-

Assess the nature of the jobs and what hazards your workers might be exposed to. Remember that different jobs come with a different set of hazards and risks.

Choose products that are CE marked in line with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations.

If workers will be wearing more than one item of PPE, ensure they can be used together. For example, wearing safety glasses may affect the seal of a respirator, which will then cause air leaks.

Train your workers how to use the PPE, such as safely removing gloves without contaminating their skin. Ensure your workers also know when PPE should be used and why they're being used in the first place.

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