FIREXO All Fire Extinguisher 6L

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Firexo is an innovation in fire extinguishers that is the only one in the world that puts out all classes of fires (A, B C, D, E & F). You now only need one extinguisher instead of water, foam, CO2, wet chemical, Li-ion and powder extinguishers. Firexo removes the confusion about which extinguisher to use on which class of fire, it puts out all fires in a fraction of the time with no chance of re-ignition.

  • It tackles all fires with rapid knock-down, cooling the fire site to hand touch within minutes and is the only product on the market available in the world which is safe to use on all classes of fire (A.B.C.D.E & F) including electrical and Lithium-ion battery fires
  • It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, PFOA free, produces less run-off, cleaner and safer than other traditional products such as powder which is toxic and carcinogenic, foam and wet chemical which are toxic and irritant and CO2 which can cause freeze burns and frostbite if handled incorrectly.
  • Money saving on maintenance as only one Firexo extinguisher is needed instead of two or three others.
  • Fully tested and accredited to EN3:7+A1:2007
  • Class A Fire Ratings: 500ml 3A, 2L 13A, 6L 34A, 9L 55A

FX-6L 6 Litre A light commercial option weighing only 10.8 kg for larger fires. Discharge time 30-40 seconds with a range of up to 4m. Overall height 515mm. Comes with a wall mounting bracket.

Please note:

If you are buying Firexo All Fires Extinguishers for use in non-domestic premises, you will need the Information Sign above each extinguisher.

Currently not available to Northern Ireland

Deliveries to some Highlands and Islands in Scotland may incur a delivery charge.


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