When you have been tasked with the job of choosing workwear for your team, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you buy summer clothing, waterproofs or warm clothing? By answering these questions, you will be able to choose the right outdoor work clothes for your team.

The Weather

The UK is not known for its good weather. When you are analysing what workwear you need for a project, take into account the weather you will expect for that particular season. If the project is in summer, expect high temperatures. If it is spring or autumn, you may get rain.

The weather will affect how you dress your staff. Also, it is a great idea to have a chat with your team. What outdoor work clothes will they feel comfortable wearing while they are doing the work?

You need to expect to buy waterproofs, such as trousers/jackets, as well as multiple layers underneath. You may want to buy some fleeces for layering over cooler clothes and under thin waterproof clothes.

Your staff are likely to move vigorously so they need to be protected from the cold as they sweat. Sweat-wicking properties are a great idea to keep them nice and comfortable.

During the summer months, the clothing you choose needs to be as cool as possible. Also, it should have close-knit fibres. This will prevent the sunshine from burning your employees through clothing. Also, you can purchase shirts that have sun protection in the fabric.

Consider the time of the year and when it will get darker in the mornings and evenings. For outdoor work on the roadside - your team may need Hi-Vis clothing to provide the most protection.

What Are the Hazards I need to look out for?

Factors in choosing seasonal workwear are what you need to protect against. Have a look at your workplace health & safety policies, and if you have not completed an outdoor risk assessment for the new area, you need to do so. You cannot buy equipment before you have assessed the risks and hazards.

A risk assessment will determine what personal protective equipment (PPE) you will require to ensure your workers are protected. Also, it will identify what kind of workwear they need to be wearing.

What Will My Team Wear?

In 2018/2019, there have been over 147 workplace fatalities and 555,000 non-fatal injuries, and in most cases, workers were not wearing the correct PPE. You would think that workers would wear gear that protects them. However, the truth is on-site and when stuck in jobs, many workers do not consider wearing protection if the equipment hinders what they are doing. How many times have you driven by or walked by outdoor worksites, and the employees are not wearing their PPE? As you can imagine this is incredibly dangerous.

When purchasing workwear for your outdoor staff, consider their thermal comfort and what they will wear. There is no point in buying one hundred heavyweight cotton polos if your staff will not wear them. It is a balance. If your worker has an accident and you provide the right PPE, then the responsibility is on their choice not to wear the provided PPE.


Choosing the right outdoor work clothes can be difficult. There is a fine balance between real-world application and buying PPE that protects your workers. Here at PPE Stores our team can help and assist you in the process, call us today on 0115 952 3096 or email sales@ppestores.com.

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