FIREXO All Fires Extinguisher Various Sizes

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Firexo is an innovation in fire extinguishers that puts out all fires. You now only need one extinguisher instead of water, foam CO2, wet chemical and powder extinguishers.

  • Firexo extinguishers are the portable fire-extinguishing product for protecting against any fire risk in any vehicle, event, home, or business, anywhere, even electrical fires.
  • It tackles all fires with rapid knock-down and is the only product on the market available in the world which is safe to use on all classes of fire (A.B.C.D.E & F)
  • It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, cleaner and safer than other traditional products such as powder which is toxic and carcinogenic, foam and wet chemical which are toxic and irritant and CO2 which can cause freeze burns and frostbite if handled incorrectly.
  • Firexo removes all confusion as to which extinguisher to use safely on what fire. It is safe to use on all fires and prevents the risk of the fire reigniting.
  • Money saving on maintenance as only one Firexo extinguisher is needed instead of two or three others.
  • Available sizes: 500ml, 2L, 6L or 9L
  • Fully tested and accredited to EN3:7+A1:2007
  • Fire rating 55A/183B/C/D/E 35kV/75F

FX-M 500ml Conveniently small and compact, ideal for vehicles, camping or to have in the toolkit or the home for protection against all fire classes.

FX-2L 2 Litre A versatile mid-size unit for mobility. Ideal for small offices, hot works and anywhere an extinguisher is needed without being too heavy to carry.

FX-6L 6 Litre A light commercial option weighing only 25 lbs (11.3kg) for larger fires.

FX-9L 9 Litre Built to extinguish large fires with up to 55 seconds of uninterrupted spraying to effectively put out fires before they are too large to extinguish with any portable unit.

Multibuy Options: in the QTY box, enter the number of exinguishers required and then click or tap anywhere away from the box to show the discounted price. Discounts start at 5 or more.


Easily refillable and maintained, cutting down on annual servicing costs. For a map of locations of approved maintenance engineers, CLICK HERE

Free shipping on orders over £50

Currently not available to Northern Ireland

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