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FX-2L2L£44.66 £41.80 inc. VAT£37.22 £34.83 ex. VAT In stock
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FX-9L9L£104.04 £92.50 inc. VAT£86.70 £77.08 ex. VAT In stock
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FREE SHIPPING on all Firexo extinguishers.

We also have all sizes in stylish Stainless Steel. Clck or tap here to go there

Firexo is an innovation in fire extinguishers that is the only one in the world that puts out all classes of fires (A, B C, D, E & F). You now only need one extinguisher instead of water, foam, CO2, wet chemical, Li-ion and powder extinguishers. Firexo removes the confusion about which extinguisher to use on which class of fire, it puts out all fires in a fraction of the time with no chance of re-ignition.

  • It tackles all fires with rapid knock-down, cooling the fire site to hand touch within minutes and is the only product on the market available in the world which is safe to use on all classes of fire (A.B.C.D.E & F) including electrical and Lithium-ion battery fires
  • It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, PFOA free, produces less run-off, cleaner and safer than other traditional products such as powder which is toxic and carcinogenic, foam and wet chemical which are toxic and irritant and CO2 which can cause freeze burns and frostbite if handled incorrectly.
  • Money saving on maintenance as only one Firexo extinguisher is needed instead of two or three others.
  • Available sizes: 150ml, 500ml, 2L, 6L or 9L
  • Fully tested and accredited to EN3:7+A1:2007 and BSI Kitemark certificated (certificate no. KM 781168)
  • Class A Fire Ratings: 500ml 3A, 2L 13A, 6L 34A, 9L 55A

FX-MINI150ml Small and compact handheld aerosol extinguisher, perfect for toolboxes, kitchens, sheds and where extinguishers are less ideal. Discharge time 10-12 seconds with a range of 1 to 3m. Overall height 142mm.

FX-M 500ml Conveniently small and compact only 1.32 kg, ideal for vehicles, camping or to have in the toolkit or the home for protection against all fire classes. Discharge time 10-12 seconds with a range of up to 3m. Overall height 290mm. Comes with a sturdy metal bracket.

FX-2L 2 Litre A versatile mid-size unit for mobility. Ideal for small offices, hot works and anywhere an extinguisher is needed without being too heavy to carry at only 3.82 kg.. Fire Rating 13A. Discharge time 20-30 seconds with a range of up to 3m. Overall height 415mm. Comes with a wall mounting bracket

FX-6L 6 Litre A light commercial option weighing only 10.8 kg for larger fires. Fire Rating 34A. Discharge time 30-40 seconds with a range of up to 4m. Overall height 515mm. Comes with a wall mounting bracket.

FX-9L 9 Litre Built to extinguish large fires with 45-55 seconds of uninterrupted spraying with a range of up to 4m to effectively put out fires before they are too large to extinguish with any portable unit. 16.2 kg. Fire rating 54A. Comes with a wall mounting bracket and floor stand.

Pan Fire Sachets and Mini have a 1 year warranty, 500ml extinguishers have 3 years waranty. 2L, 6L and 9L extinguishers have a 5 year warranty.

Please note: If you are buying Firexo All Fires Extinguishers for use in non-domestic premises, you will need the Firexo All Fires Extinguisher Information Sign


5 Stars


We have a fairly small commercial kitchen and space is very limited. I like the idea of one extinguisher instead of 3

5 Stars

Firexo All Fires Extinguisher 500ml

Purposeful looking extinguisher which was important for my Cal Look VW Beetle. A+

5 Stars

Quick delivery manty thanks

5 Stars

Very fast delivery. Product as described. Would buy from again

5 Stars


Mark was a fantastic representative for PPE. Engaging, helpful and refreshingly non-partonising. A pleasure to deal with and highly recommended

5 Stars

Quick delivery, many thanks

5 Stars

Just what we need

Bought these as my wife has just reached a new level of culinary skill by setting off the neigbour's smoke alarm

5 Stars

Thank you

hi thanks for the fire extinguisher love the modern look I hope I never have to use it !!

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