Clear Polycarbonate Sneeze Screen

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CPCSS600x600600mm600mm£80.99 inc. VAT£67.49 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS600x800600mm800mm£105.29 inc. VAT£87.74 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS600x1000600mm1000mm£121.49 inc. VAT£101.24 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS600x1200600mm1200mm£142.55 inc. VAT£118.79 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS600x1400600mm1400mm£161.99 inc. VAT£134.99 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS600x1600600mm1600mm£186.29 inc. VAT£155.24 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS800x600800mm600mm£105.29 inc. VAT£87.74 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS800x800800mm800mm£129.59 inc. VAT£107.99 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS800x1000800mm1000mm£161.99 inc. VAT£134.99 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS800x1200800mm1200mm£186.29 inc. VAT£155.24 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS800x1400800mm1400mm£202.49 inc. VAT£168.74 ex. VAT In stock
CPCSS800x1600800mm1600mm£234.89 inc. VAT£195.74 ex. VAT In stock
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These Polycarbonate sneeze screens are an ideal solution to create a physical barrier for your socail distancing needs. They are made from a robust 6mm thick acrylic sheet. They are simple to assemble, easy to store and cleaned easily.

Available with or without cut-out slot at the bottom



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