Antigen Rapid Test Kit with Result in 15 Minutes Free Shipping

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The Coronavirus Antigen Rapid FlowTest Kit gives a test result in just 15 minutes. Unlike other antigen test kits, no medical knowledge is required and can be carried out by anyone quickly without having to go to a test centre.

The Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Test Kit is a quick and simple test that checks for infection with coronavirus. The test looks for proteins (antigens) in a sample taken from the nose and has an accuracy of 96%. Tests have shown that the Antigen Rapid Test Kit is effective at detecting variant strains of SARS-Cov-2 (tested on D614G and N501Y).

Detailed yet simple instructions are included with the kit so tests can be carried by anyone with or without medical training. It simply involves taking swabs from both nostrils, placing in a bottle of reagent (buffer) and then putting in the readout cassette. Wait 15 minutes and it shows a positive or negative result.

The Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Test allows employers or individuals to identify confirmed cases, even among asymptomatic subjects so they can be sent home to self-isolate before infecting others.

The rapid test is also ideal for testing persons who are in close contact with each other so that only those with a positive test need to self-isolate instead of the whole group. Use it to quickly test people before entering the workplace, at induction for new starters or as a regular testing programme.

Unlike the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test offered by Boots at £120, the antigen test does not have to be sent off to a laboratory which takes 48 hours. Accurate results from the Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Test Kit are displayed in 15 minutes.

Clinical Data Performance:

  • Sensitivity 88.89%
  • Specificity 99.05%
  • Accuracy 96.00%


Antigen Rapid Test Kit Instructions

Conforms with EN ISO 13485:2016




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