Sanigone Total Blast 7 Day Sanitiser 500ml REDUCED SHIPPING

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Sanigone Sanitiser


Unlike other sanitiser sprays, Sanigone is the only one that lasts up to 7 days and because of it's powerful blast and ultra-fine atomisation, it covers every single surface. Sanigone Total Blast is ideal for quickly and effectively sanitising small areas such as cars, taxis, vans, minibuses, offices, toilets, reception areas, student accommodation, communal areas, lifts and mess rooms. SANIGONE TOTAL BLAST SANITISER kills 99.99% of all enveloped coronaviruses, mould and germs and leaves a pine fresh smell which absorbs and eliminates bad odours. Importantly, it covers and protects commonly used surfaces such as light switches, handles, handrails, keypads and touch-screens.

Although it is no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering in England, if you choose to wear one, turn your face covering into a virus killer which lasts 7 days. All you need is a can of Sanigone Total Blast Sanitiser. With the mask held 12" (30cm) away from the can, give one squirt on each side of the fabric of the mask. Leave to absorb and dry for 10 minutes and you have a mask impregnated with a highly efficient sanitiser that kills viruses on contact and lasts up to 7 days. WARNING: do not use any other type of sanitiser as they are toxic, often highly flammable and completely unsuitable for this type of application

Imagine the time you would save by just one 3-second spray once per week instead of having to constantly clean down surfaces by hand. Just one simple 3 second blast of SANIGONE TOTAL BLAST SANITISER ensures that ALL surfaces in range are protected against coronaviruses and other bacteria for up to 7 days.

Each 500ml can gives 600 blasts.

Each 3-second blast covers and protects an area of 20m3.

SANIGONE ls manufactured in the UK to BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650 and BS EN 14476, Full certification is provided.

We also stock SANIGONE 7 DAY PROTECTION ROOM SANITISER one can completely sanitises an area of 100m3 for up to 7 days.


BS EN 14476 Test Results

Sanigone Material Safety Data Sheet


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