AirForLife Emergency Escape Device

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Emergency escape device esigned by firefighters to give ample breathing time to escape from fire or await rescue.

AirForLife® is a patented emergency escape device that provides the user with a self-contained oxygen supply (22 litres) to survive or escape from emergencies in which breathing may become impaired.
It gives the user a valuable oxygen supply in a situation where their oxygen supply has been significantly reduced or has become contaminated, for example during a fire, gas leak or terrorist attack.
The AirForLife® device enables the user to breathe for a more prolonged period of around 10 - 12 minutes, giving them time to escape or to be rescued and reducing any potential respiratory damage or failure, thus reducing the loss of life.
Simple to use. When the button on the top of the canister is pressed, a flow of cooled oxygen is delivered to the mask. Release the button when exhaling to conserve oxygen to give the maximum amount of precious breathing time.

This product is for anybody who works or lives in a confined area, where access to the outside world in the event of an emergency may not be a quick process. For example, workers/residents who work/live in high rise blocks. Staff or commuters working/traveling underground. Also suitable for working in confined spaces as breathing apparatus in the event of gas detector alarm.

AirForLife® would also benefit those less able or unable to evacuate themselves from an emergency situation, giving them valuable extra minutes. This could be from their place of residence or a commercial building depending on the situation at the time.




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