Electrical Hazard Pictogram

Code Sign MaterialSign SizePriceStockQty
L837-RPRigid Plastic100x100£0.62 inc. VAT£0.52 ex. VAT In stock
L838-RPRigid Plastic200x200£1.96 inc. VAT£1.63 ex. VAT In stock
L839-RPRigid Plastic400x400£6.17 inc. VAT£5.14 ex. VAT In stock
L837-SAVSelf Adhesive Vinyl100x100£0.47 inc. VAT£0.39 ex. VAT In stock
L838-SAVSelf Adhesive Vinyl200x200£1.25 inc. VAT£1.04 ex. VAT In stock
L839-SAVSelf Adhesive Vinyl400x400£2.42 inc. VAT£2.02 ex. VAT In stock
L838-APAlu-Panel200x200£8.51 inc. VAT£7.09 ex. VAT In stock
L839-APAlu-Panel400x400£24.49 inc. VAT£20.41 ex. VAT In stock
P1764-PRPPhotoluminescent Plastic100x100£0.86 inc. VAT£0.72 ex. VAT In stock
P1765-PRPPhotoluminescent Plastic200x200£4.37 inc. VAT£3.64 ex. VAT In stock
P1764-PSAVPhotoluminescent Vinyl100x100£0.86 inc. VAT£0.72 ex. VAT In stock
P1765-PSAVPhotoluminescent Vinyl200x200£4.37 inc. VAT£3.64 ex. VAT In stock
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Available in rigid plastic self-adhesive vinyl photo-luminescent rigid plastic photo-luminescent self-adhesive vinyl  or aluminium panel. Sizes: 100x100 (except aluminium panel) 200x200 400x400 (except photo-luminescent plastic / photo-luminescent vinyl)


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